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The Quarter Life Crisis: How to Know if You’re Having One

Quarter Life Crisis: realizing that real life is nothing like what your many years of schooling prepared you for and totally freaking out that now you are a real adult who has to do things like pay bills and make your own doctor’s appointment all while maintaining a social life and making your boss happy….*heavy breathing*….. deep breaths….. deep breaths.

Here are the telltale signs you are having a quarter life crisis.

1. Break- Ups
Whether it is a significant other or you are cutting some friendships, breakups are common during your QLC (quarter life crisis). Learning who you are will lead to realizing who is valuable in you life, and who has your back during the difficult times and who doesn’t.

giphy (2)

2. Chopping off all your hair
It may be a new cut or color but drastic hair changes may mean you are trying to redefine or reinvent yourself.


3.Career Change
“What am I doing with my life?” may become your current mantra, and with this you might want to veer of the career path you are currently on. You may not feel fulfilled or perhaps didn’t realize what your true passions were until now. Many a CPA has decided to become a dog walker after going through their big QLC.

giphy (1)

4. Health Issues
Suddenly you are always tired or your hair seems to be thinning, this could be a sign you are under too much stress. Don’t let it get to you and make sure to make your health a priority, you will thank yourself later.


You may be constantly wondering if you are on the right path or what your passions are, even comparing yourself to others who seem to “have it all together” (hint: they don’t). Take it a day at a time and try not to be too hypervigilant. If it becomes something that starts having an impact on daily life consult a professional.



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