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Stuck in the Awkwardness of Your Mid 20’s

Being a 20-something is awkward. You change drastically from your early to mid to late twenties. Little responsibility and college lifestyle quickly turn into full time careers and realizing you need to eat a vegetable every once in a while. I found myself feeling very overwhelmed and lost the years after graduation as I transitioned into what some may call an “adult”.

I would ask my dad and other family members for advice and help, but the society we live in is so different from the technology devoid world they went through their twenties in. Our jobs are different, our diets are different, even our communication is different. After talking with friends I discovered that many people my age were in the same boat, asking what next? Where do I go from here? And once I know where to go, how do I get there in one piece? Now being the wise old age of 27 *cough* I decided that we need more information on how to navigate this time of life, and so was born this blog.

For those of you in your early to mid-twenties getting ready to launch into the world of adulthood, I hope this advice finds you and makes your journey, still full of adventure, but a little less painful.

To all my late twenties friends lets go through this together. I hope we can learn from each other and provide insight into what it is like in this crazy world for us.

The adventure continues. Let’s get awkward.



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